Omega PC Repair

Computer Reparation


We have had the privilege to work with Bolivar Quiles-Acevedo over the past few months on branding for his business, Omega PC Repair. He has worked with the University of Turabo Employment Center on his business plan, and came to us for work on his website.

His story is a great example of how to build a website on a budget. We focused on keeping it clean and simple, keeping the colors uniform and the typeface clear, using a theme for called “Argent.” Bolivar works on PCs, and it isn’t easy to find images of non-Apple products that are free for commercial use, but we did find a few! For those also looking to create a website on a budget, check out this list of websites with free stock images.

Besides that, Bolivar is looking to start a blog with useful information for PC owners, where he will address the most common security issues he comes across in his day-to-day work.

Bolivar has a lot of computer repair knowledge and we have high hopes for his computer repair business!