Moving Forward (Echar Pa’lante)

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Last week at INOVA there was a business get-together sponsored by Banco Popular and INTECO. Although we had meetings that day, Ana and I were able to hear the last talk. It was excellent. Juan M. Aguayo of Traikon Associates LLC presented on salesmanship techniques. He not only gave us extremely useful ideas for selling products but also concerning self-presentation. Above is a videoclip that he showed us about a man who sells smoke – we loved it.

During his presentation, Aguayo explained that the key in interesting someone is using ANSVA: You have to grab the person’s Attention, show them why they Need what you are selling, create Satisfaction through a good product, help them Visualize what your product can do for them, and finally, invite them to take Action.


Additional guidelines for salesmanship he mentioned are:


  • Define well your objective
  • Create a hook
  • Concentrate your conversation on solving a client’s problem
  • Connect with the client’s emotions
  • Provide value for the client
  • Be honest and sincere
  • Make an irresistible offer
  • Add client testimonials


He also stressed the importance of being in control of the environment where you are sharing information about your product to a client. If you are meeting Gina  bar or restaurant, make sure that the person/s can hear you well. He recommended always carrying a business card, not only to leave with contacts but also wherever you can think such as in hotel rooms, at the reception desk, and on tables. Spreading the word about your services gives you a much better chance of expanding your clientele. He personally likes to use to print his business cards.


“You should always believe in your abilities even if you are the only one.”Siempre debes creer en tus habilidades aunque los demás no lo hagan.” – Juan M. Aguayo

Besides giving away your business card, Aguayo has also found it useful to write details about the situation and the person when someone else gives him their business card. That way it’s possible to remember exactly who the person is in the future, and have something to help them remember your meeting when you come into contact again.


If you are feeling weighed down and ready to give up, first think about these persons that at one time or another, were deemed failures:


  • Albert Einstein – His elementary teacher didn’t even think he was smart.
  • Michael Jordan – Once, he didn’t make the try-outs of his high school basketball team.
  • Walt Disney – He was let go of his job because his work wasn’t “original” enough.
  • Steve Jobs – They fired him from his own company.
  • Oprah Winfrey – She was told she didn’t have the right “look” for television.
  • The Beatles – They were told by a record company that they didn’t have a future in show business.


Here’s to always moving forward!


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