For over a decade, we have been collaborating closely with economic development organizations and business incubation programs to provide innovative training programs in technology, entrepreneurship and workforce skills to over 1,000 youth and adults. And we don’t want to stop there. Led by a strong and diverse management team motivated by a common desire to positively impact the world, TECODE (Technology, Entrepreneurship and Community Development) works tirelessly to fulfill our mission:

To foster partnerships that promote technology, entrepreneurship and workforce skills development to strengthen the capacity of under-served communities.

Our approach is threefold – Train, Support and Connect. First, we research the latest distance learning technologies and student-centric pedagogical models to design training programs that are truly engaging and transforming. Second, we strive to work hand-in-hand with each individual to enhance their technological capacity, entrepreneurial spirit and workforce skills. Third, we are constantly building a network of partners that open the doors of opportunity for our program participants.

Strong communities built by inspired individuals with technical know-how, an entrepreneurial mindset and relevant workforce skills.

Board of Directors

R. David Bermudez

President & CEO

David is currently President of Onopa Services, LLC, an engineering and construction company based in Sanford, Florida. Previously, as a management consultant, he created the original FOAMSHIP visual-holistic model, which has been used in numerous training programs and has impacted over 1,000 youth and adults. During those consulting years, David also worked closely with government entities to implement regional economic development strategies and build business incubation programs to spur job creation.

Carlos Zepeda


Carlos is President & CEO of Organizational Management Advisors, LLC, a non-profit consulting firm based in Miami, Florida. He’s really good at structuring organizations and helping them get funding.


Edgard L. Viera

Board Member

Edgard is President & CEO of Ecovant, an advertising firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is excellent in public relations,
social media, and marketing!




Ana Igartua

Programs & Services

 Ana is TECODE’s program coordinator and resident information geek. After leaving government work, she has dedicated herself to information system auditing and to social entrepreneurship. She’s created a network of business women on the island.

Tiffany Laurencio

Community Development

Tiffany is our course guru, and her expertise is at the crossroads of technology and education. When she’s not busy working on a master’s degree in curriculum methods and designs, Tiffany is reaching out to potential partners across the globe!